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Boot Camp

Join our camps this summer to ensure a better and more financially stable future.


Financial Literacy Boot Camps

The importance of financial education is gaining momentum around the world!

MONEYSMART is an experiential learning 2-day boot camp that can help young people create wealth by thinking differently. Three camps will be organized in the months of June and July across Lebanon: Beirut, Saida, Zahle.

MONEYSMART program is designed to empower the youth with financial knowledge and techniques to become “Money Smart” with the aim to help them achieve financial freedom early in life and thus become self-reliant, productive members of society.


MONEYSMART, designed by Eventa and brought to you by Byblos Bank, is a new program in the Middle East promoting financial literacy to young people who are about to enter the real world and find themselves challenged due to the little knowledge they have about management of their finances and future financial planning.
Buying a new car, taking a loan for the first time, planning to start a new business, are just a few of the challenges that young people face as they enter adult life. Unfortunately very little is done at school and university level to prepare them for this critical phase in life.

MONEYSMART’s objective is to educate young people, 20-30 years old, across Lebanon about financial literacy by helping them:

  • Become money smart, and adopt a wealth creation mindset.
  • Identify their resources and understand how to manage them.
  • Understand how to leverage financial and non-financial resources to create wealth.

The boot camp is loaded with information, hands-on activities, group discussions and games through which financial literacy concepts are demonstrated and communicated.

What will you learn?

MONEYSMART 6 Pillars of Learning
  • Financial Responsibility and Decision Making
  • Income and Careers
  • Planning and Money Management
  • Credit and Debt
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Saving and Investing

Who can participate?

If you are between 20 to 30 years old with many dreams then MONEYSMART is for you!
  • University students (seniors, fresh graduates, undergraduates)
  • Young employees
  • Young entrepreneurs


DAY 1   Thursdays

  • 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM
    Opening Session
    Welcome Reception


DAY 2 – Fridays

  • 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
    Plenary and parallel sessions


DAY 3   Saturdays

  • 9:00 AM
    Plenary and parallel sessions
  • 4:30 PM
    Closing Ceremony & Certificate Distribution



JUNE 15-17,2017
The Smallville Hotel
Badaro Beirut


JULY 06-08, 2017
OLA, Outreach Leadership Academy
Saida Old Town


JULY 13-15, 2017
Université Antonine

Our Trainers

Hala Mourady


Jade Dagher


Kathy Chalhoub


Team member


Team member


Our Partners

Strategic Partner

Byblos Bank
Byblos Bank established its Financial Literacy Program in 2015 in order to raise awareness and empower people to take charge of their financial futures. Initiatives that fall under this banner are designed to familiarize fellow Lebanese citizens with basic economic and financial terms and concepts that have so much effect on their personal finances and therefore on their daily lives. The Program encompasses several initiatives with high media visibility, notably the famous “Fakker Maliyan” broadcasted daily after the evening news bulletin at LBCI.
By enabling youth to better understand the financial impact of their decisions and thus shape up their financial destinies, we would also be providing them with the needed tools to make a positive change in Lebanon. The Financial Literacy MONEYSMART Boot Camps sponsored by Byblos Bank are aligned with this vision and will help youth throughout the country have more control over their own finances. This will surely allow them to become The Makers of their individual and national success.

For more information about the Byblos Bank Financial Literacy program, visit


Regional Partner (South)

Regional Partner (Bekaa)

Empowering the youth and ensuring their safety

Digital Partner

Get ready to change your mindset about money and your relationship with it, and learn how to best manage it.

Registration Confirmation

Thanks to our partners and sponsors, we are able to offer the MONEYSMART boot camps for free with a minimal application fee of $20/person. This is a symbolic amount to heighten commitment and promote interest in personal development.

All applicants must register for the boot camp using the online registration system. The registration will only be confirmed upon receipt of the application fee.

Payment can be made at the nearest Byblos Bank branch to you:

Account number at Byblos Bank: 200.0676625.001 (EVENTA)



A ‘Confirmation / Payment Receipt’ will be sent by email after EVENTA has received a fully completed registration form and the application fee payment in full.

Delegates will be required to present this ‘Confirmation / Payment Receipt’ at the check-in desk at the boot camp as proof of their registration and payment.

Become a MONEYSMART Champion today!

We encourage our participants who attended a MONEYSMART boot camp to sustain the knowledge and skills gained during the camps by volunteering in our MONEYSMART Champion program.

The MONEYSMART Champion program allows the youth to transmit the financial skills acquired and help their peers increase their knowledge and skills in financial literacy.

If interested to become a MONEYSMART Champion, and if you feel you meet the criteria below, please submit your application online and we will get back to you at the soonest.

  • Age 20-30
  • Interested to communicate your personal experience with youth and play MONEYSMART games
  • Able to propose interactive methods for trainers to include in the program
  • Committed and dedicated
  • Influential with good communication skills

We look forward to seeing you again and to you being part of our team!

Apply here




Criteria to become a MONEYSMART Champion

  • Previously attended a MONEYSMART boot camp
  • Age 20-30
  • Interested in communicating the learnings from the boot camp with the youth and play MONEYSMART games
  • Availability to attend a half day training in Beirut to be announced in October
  • Availability to run at least 3 activities in 12 months
  • Committed and dedicated; enjoys community work especially with teenagers
  • Influential with good communication skills
  • Briefly describe your previous volunteer role(s).


MONEYSMART is a concept created by EVENTA to promote financial literacy in Lebanon and the Middle East. This program comes as part of Eventa’s social impact events and development programs and initiatives to make a positive change in the world.

Nina Abi Fadel

EVENTA Social Impact & Value

Specialized in the design and facilitation of large-scale social impact events and development programs over 20 years of experience in planning and implementing diverse national projects.

EVENTA believes in the important role that corporate volunteers can play in promoting peer-to-peer financial education thus incorporate a volunteering component to the program.

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